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WDW Fort Wilderness Campground

Camping at Creekside Meadow, Fort Wilderness Resort, Walt Disney World
Disney is always so much fun. Camping with a group gives a different flavor to this huge resort. It feels like a backstage pass to some of its’ hidden secrets. You can find something new with every visit.
Creekside Meadow is a group campsite located on the west side of Fort Wilderness Resort. A ¼ mile walk across a foot bridge leads to the center of the resort for various activities; including
Chip n’ Dale’s outdoor theater. For restaurants, take a short bus ride down the main avenue. Access to other Disney areas is also possible via the bus depot or the marina ferry. Disney does have pet kennels. Call them for the required paperwork.
• Tent, sleeping bags, air mattress, warm clothes, etc
• Flashlights for all campers
• Chairs
• Bottled water
• Meals (or restaurants) for Friday night, and other snacks/meals not specified by PACK
• Washable plates and utensils are best reducing our footprint and goal to ‘leave no trace’. A good cup would have a handle that can hang on a rack or tree. Creek Side comfort station has a wash station.

• Paper towels and a few trash bags (Disney hauls the trash)
• Scouts: Class A uniform for arrival and departure, Class B all other times.
• Appropriate footwear (shower/swim shoes, closed toe for camp site)!
• Rain gear! Bring bicycles, roller-blades, telescopes, fishing gear, musical instruments, Fris-bees, Wiffle Balls, etc.
There are picnic tables at this site. There is also a comfort controlled bath house with hot water.
Everybody has their own way of getting to Disney. Here is yet another…
• Drive past all the Epcot resorts. Ignore the Wilderness Lodge, you want the Ft. Wilderness Resort.
• Stay in the right lane at the Magic Kingdom toll booth. You do not pay for parking; just pass through to the resort’s access road. Upon arriving at Ft. Wilderness, stop at the main parking lot and check-in at the Outpost. You are with “Cub Scout Pack 100 at Creekside Meadow”. Proceed into the resort down Fort Wilderness Trail, and then left on Big Pine Drive.
A group leader will register on Friday by 1 P.M. and get confirmation on specific camping boundaries, as well get maps and card passes for each registrant to access bathrooms after 10pm. You may setup anytime afterward. See your leader for your map and access card.  Sunset is at 5:58 P.M.
There are several large campsites within the meadow. If we have over 40 registrants, we will have two of these sites near the path. They are rectangular and marked with colored posts. We must keep all tents and gear within these boundaries. A path runs through the center of the meadow and Disney staff will ensure it stays clear.
After unloading, vehicles should be moved to the main parking lot if possible. There are a limited number of parking spots near the meadow. It is nice to leave them for nighttime arrivals and those with supply trailers.
Deciding your camp site.  Are you a Lark or an Owl?  Keep in mind that night owls gather around campfires. Consider where your tent is located if you hit-the-hay at sundown. Leaders will do their best to keep the camp quite after 10 P.M., but this is often wishful thinking.
This weekend’s activities are full of options.  On the first night there are no pack planned meals or activities as some people will arrive to  town very late.  Plan your own meal this night or enjoy the dining  options Disney offers.  See below for likely itinerary.
For nightly camp meals it is suggested:
3P.M. start Cooking fires.
4 P.M. Dinner.
5 Be done with Cleanup.
5:30 P.M.  Head to The Outdoor Theater for live entertainment.
6:15-7 P.M. – Disney Fire lighting and S’Mores
7:00 – 7:40 P.M. – Campfire stories and Sing-a-long with Chip and Dale
7:40 P.M. – The Movie Starts under the stars
Saturday 7-8 A.M. Breakfast 8-8:15 A.M. Flag Ceremony 8:30-10 A.M. Fishing 10-11 A.M. Biking 11-12 P.M. Den Activities 12-1 P.M. Lunch 1-3 P.M. Swimming 3-4 P.M. Chess Belt loop and competition 4-5 P.M. Camp time 5 P.M. dinner
Sunday 7-8 A.M. Breakfast 8-8:30 Scout’s Own by the camp fire 8:30 Break down camp site You are welcome to stay enjoying the Fort Wilderness resorts facilities the remainder of the day. Have a safe trip home.
• bicycles and fishing gear can be rented near the trading post.
• There is an area for volleyball.
• The Hoop-Dee-Doo Review is a dinner theater that satisfies a Friday night appetite.
• The Trail’s End restaurant serves a reasonable breakfast.
• Consider a free boat ride over to the Contemporary Hotel for a mid-day sweet tooth.
• Trail rides are available. Make reservations upon arrival.
• Have fun and explore!
 SENT BY , Cubmaster Pack 100 1/02/13
Hello all! Happy New Year!!! To:  Those registered for camping at Fort Wilderness. Lot’s more info to come later today. Right now I need to know if there is anyone with a vehicle that can pull the Pack trailer. My towing connection has been damaged and I cannot pull the trailer safely. Please call me if you can help. The Pack will give some money to assist with the extra gas it takes to pull the trailer. Thank you and see you soon. Michelle D cubmaster@pack100.com 941-806-8133
2012 Trip – The Disney Ft Wilderness Family Camping was rescheduled to May 12, 2012

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